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Not satisfied with your location? Are you looking for a way out? Then meet Aktif Agency, which offers interactive advertising, web design, software, e-commerce and SEO consulting services with a unique approach.
In our opinion, web software is generally very complex and dysfunctional; It should be simple and functional so that visitors to your website can spend more time and easily access the information they are looking for.
In search engine and social media ads, abnormal budgets are spent and returns are inefficient. It should be managed reasonably and efficiently so that potential customers can easily find you at the top.
In order not to lose your potential customers who visit your site and visit your site with "re-marketing ad", it constantly shows what your customers visit, on every site and social media accounts they visit, so that your brand awareness and sales increase.
The information of those who do e-commerce and SEO consulting is often out of date and confused about what to do. Consultant; It should be instructive and guiding so that the process is simplified with new sales strategies and your work becomes easier.

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