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Aktif Çözüm

Aktif Çözüm Corporate Communication Agency is a "full service advertising agency" with special expertise in brand and corporate identity design. Designing visual and verbal materials for the institutions or products it serves as creative, for marketing or prestige; It produces services to meet the demands with the target audience through websites, e-commerce, special software, brochures, packaging, promotional materials, print media campaigns, radio jingles / spots, animation and promotional films.

While doing these, many media and services are provided in different fields. Considering the interest and relevance of today's world to search engines, we offer our Google and similar search engines services to our customers and easily reach them to the goals they want. We are happy to see you valuable institutions among us.

Online Distance Education

What is Online Live Distance Education (E-Learn) System?

Uzaktan Eğitim
Uzaktan Eğitim

We are trying to do the best.

We are like the line connecting two points. We are working to bring you to your target audience with the lowest cost, as soon as possible, in the most catchy and logical way. We analyze your domestic and foreign competitors, we aim to bring you to the forefront by eliminating your shortcomings and adding our experience.

Creativity is the ability to develop new ideas, to imagine what is not, to do something in a different way than anyone else. We analyze the most appropriate message for your target audience and the channels through which this message will be sent. We develop creative strategies by taking into account the difference in people's perception.

Why Active Solution

Web Design is one of Turkey's leading agency in the Active Solution, corporate web design for clients, web software, corporate identity design and produce solutions in the digital marketing field.

Aktif Çözüm, which always creates visual designs using the most trend lines globally in its Web Design and Web Software studies, makes both fast-opening websites and SEO compatible web design by using up-to-date frameworks and code structures in software. If you want to have modern web interface designs and SEO compatible websites with high conversion rate, your first choice is; It should be the Active Solution.


Powerful Design / Graphics

Our web design service will help you rediscover the image of your business or brand in the internet market and launch it correctly. The blending of design and technology we will offer for you will ensure your business to be successful in many areas in the digital world, in conjunction with our expertise.


Google Seo Compatible Software

A site that does not exist on Google means nothing to us! For this reason, one of the most important points for us from the very beginning of the project is its good ranking on Google. Therefore, all details in terms of both coding and content are created with great care.


Responsive Web Design

Turkey is also in the entire world up to 80% of website traffic from mobile devices ... inevitable that this means that a site must be compatible with mobile devices a reality. It is stated that 95% of the users exit the pages in the first second if the websites they log in are not mobile compatible.


Easy Management Panel

One of the issues you are having trouble with the most is the complexity of the administration panels delivered to you. We provide great convenience with the management panels we create for you with the DRAG / DROP method. Easy systems that every user can easily intervene like a software developer.

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